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Researchscape distinguishes itself by offering high-quality market research, powered by technology and delivered for the same price as renting Do It Yourself survey-panel respondents.

Concept Testing

Researchscape regularly helps startups and existing businesses understand their target market’s reaction to ideas for products and services, including purchase intent, relevance, uniqueness, and strengths and weaknesses. As part of such studies, Researchscape routinely conducts pricing and feature optimization, identifying the optimal price point for the concept in order to maximize revenue and the most important features required for success.

Personal Service Concept Test – For a personal-services startup, Researchscape identified which aspects of the potential service offering would be worth a premium and which wouldn’t. The resulting research enabled the startup to dramatically lower development costs after determining that some of the most expensive capabilities to develop were comparatively unimportant and would not command a premium.

Golf App Concept Test – For Eco Rehab LLC, Researchscape surveyed golfers with smartphones to determine the right combination of features for a golf app. Testimonial: “This was a very useful exercise that Researchscape helped me with, in determining the best way to move forward with our proposed app.”

Video Game Console Concept Test – For a startup console manufacturer, Researchscape surveyed video gamers in the United States and Canada about their interest in a wearable console visor for immersive game play.

Market Opportunity Analysis

Often, before developing a detailed product or service concept to test, a firm will need a better understanding of trends and unmet needs among the target market. Researchscape regularly conducts primary research to fill the gaps that secondary research can’t address.

Social-Media Usage Forecast – For a stealth-mode startup, Researchscape forecast growth in social media usage, online reviews, and blogging for 2013 to 2015 by U.S. Census region. “Researchscape did a complex survey on Internet behaviors in a very high quality, timely way. I would recommend their services to everyone who might have a custom research need that requires survey work.”

Non-fiction Book Purchasers Profile – For a non-fiction book author, Researchscape surveyed book purchasers in a specific category to learn about their most recent purchases and unmet needs. “Really gave a boost to my market research. I was amazed by the level of detail of the survey and the professionalism all along the way. I strongly recommend Researchscape.”

Human-Resource Surveys

Researchscape routinely conducts detailed employee-satisfaction and -engagement studies, as well as other HR surveys.

Pre-Employment Assessment Test – For My Local Tradesman, Researchscape conducted a personality and IQ assessment test for job applicants. “Researchscape is a very good resource for executing survey or assessment tests.”

HR Department Profiles – For a management-consulting firm, Researchscape surveyed HR professionals about the nature of their work, teams, and governance structures. “Absolutely excellent work!”

Management Challenges – For a leadership-training firm, Researchscape surveyed managers and small-business owners about their challenges managing staff and winning clients.

Voice-of-the-Customer Studies

Unfortunately, modern customer satisfaction measurement often pits trendy techniques against proven metrics. Whatever your political climate, Researchscape can implement a VOC program that will help you maximize client retention and add-on sales.

Major Account Relationship Survey – For a leading international telecommunications provider, developed and implemented a model to identify which accounts were most at risk to competitive switching, while providing detailed written summaries of results for each major account, across multiple touch points.

Global VOC Initiative – For a leading software company, implemented a full VOC program, including an annual relationship survey, transactional surveys, and touchpoint surveys, implementing a consistent customer-loyalty segmentation across all programs. The program was fielded worldwide in over a dozen different languages and featured tailored reports per business manager.

Other Business-to-Business (B2B) Surveys

B2B surveys often pose unique challenges, from identifying the right decision maker within an organization to accurately profiling the organization they work for. Getting these right is crucial to understanding this demanding market.

State-Certified Professionals – For a continuing-education provider, Researchscape conducted telephone surveys in 4 states to identify competitors’ market share and openness to a new provider.

Non-profit Leaders – Researchscape conducted a survey with leaders of local non-profits to determine the challenges and opportunities they face working with the business community.

Testimonials for our Staff

  • “If you need anything relating to surveys/questionnaires then Jeffrey is your guy. I was impressed with his knowledge and how quickly he turned around the project.”
  • “I’m 150% satisfied with Jeffrey’s work!! Market research all starts with a good set of questions. Jeffrey did a fantastic job of helping us craft questions we could use to really get the most out of our market research study. He also was fast and professional. I will absolutely be using his services in the future!”
  • “Great to work with, thorough and knowledgeable.”
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