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Research customer satisfaction and loyalty, employee engagement, new product concepts, and consumer attitudes


Leverage the AI expert system of ResearchStory to cut the analysis of custom surveys from days to hours

PR Surveys & Custom Surveys at Standard Prices

Content marketers, publicists, and lead-generation specialists are increasingly turning to survey research to generate credible data to support their storytelling and to entice prospects. Business leaders need feedback from customers to make key decisions. Our consultants write the questionnaire to address your needs, collect results from your target audience, and send you a detailed report. All for low, standardized rates.


Professional market research can answer your key questions:

How are the needs of customers and prospects changing?

What features of a product (or attributes of a service) are essential for success?

What is driving customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction?



For a personal-services startup, Researchscape identified which aspects of the potential service would be worth a premium and which wouldn’t.


For an app publisher, Researchscape identified which features had to be in version 1.0, and which could wait.


For a stealth-mode startup, Researchscape identified developing opportunities.


Yes, you could learn how to use a survey tool and find a source of potential respondents. Yes, you could learn how to write a questionnaire and master the statistical techniques needed to compare questions.

Or you could simply tell us your target audience and the business questions you want to answer, and let us take it from there.

The result? Answers you can have confidence in.



Target Audience

You tell us the business decisions you need to make — and your target audience.



We write the questionnaire that will support your goals, following research best practices.



You approve the questionnaire, or suggest edits (back to 2).



We survey 100 or more respondents (from our panel or from your house email list).



Our AI expert system, ResearchStory, goes to work, producing an executive summary, charts and graphs, and highlights of the most important crosstabs. All delivered in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel format.



Our House List Survey leverages your email list, blog, Facebook and Twitter followers to produce an affordable survey.

Our Market Segment Survey offering provides 100 online interviews with U.S. business people meeting very narrow requirements by title, department, and industry.

horizontal marketing 250Our Horizontal Market SML (Small, Medium, Large) Survey offering provides 100 online interviews with a targeted subset of U.S. business professionals with specific roles or working in specific departments, across all industries but for specific organization sizes


For those times when you need a large sample size to just a few questions, Researchscape offers a regular omnibus of 1,000 U.S. adults, aged 18 years old and up.

survey 1000Our Nationally Representative Survey offering provides 400-2000 online interviews with U.S. consumers

Our Country Survey offering provides 1,000 online interviews with adults across one or more specified countries (general population).


Announcing the Fortune Crypto 40

Announcing the Fortune Crypto 40

Our in depth surveys of more than 200 financial executives have resulted in the introduction of the Fortune Crypto 40, the first-of-its-kind benchmark ranking which identifies the top five players in eight categories in the crypto space. You can read more about the...

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Changing Face of Gaming Debunks Long Held Stereotypes

Changing Face of Gaming Debunks Long Held Stereotypes

For Dell, Researchscape surveyed 5,763 videogame players, ages 14-87, from 11 countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand, UK and U.S.), in 6 six languages, in order to better understand gaming habits, attitudes and the...

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10 Tips for Questionnaire Design

10 Tips for Questionnaire Design

When I’m reviewing a questionnaire, here are the top 10 things I remind my co-authors: Keep the respondent in mind – Write from their point of view, explain jargon, give them lists of choices that apply to them and allow them to go off script (e.g., “Other (please...

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Using AI to Eliminate My Job

Using AI to Eliminate My Job

For 9 years, I’ve been training an AI to do my job. Sadly I couldn’t hit up the neighborhood Jawas for an off-the-shelf droid, so we have had to build our own AI. So far, I’ve broken up my job into 2,408 tasks, of which we’ve implemented 1,410. These tasks have ranged...

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Improving the Respondent Experience

Improving the Respondent Experience

Respondents are the life blood of survey research, and we regularly conduct research to serve them better. One item that surprised some attendees of my MRII ESOMAR webinar on questionnaire design was the volume of rich responses that I get to my survey closing...

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