For the delivery experience platform FarEye we recently conducted the “Eye on Last-mile Delivery” survey. This study analyzed responses from 300 leaders across retail and logistics with responsibility for logistics and retail operations in the U.S. (32%), EMEA (36%) and APAC (32%) regions. A notable finding was that nearly 57% of retailers have outsourced their delivery networks over the past five years, yet 84% of retailers claim their organization needs more control over their outsourced delivery networks. Cost is the primary concern of companies who implement last-mile deliveries, accounting for 53% of overall shipping costs, the leading causes for these costs are: fuel (59%), address location (39%), labor (36%) and first delivery failure (34%). Fifty-five percent of retailers surveyed are focused on reducing cost of delivery over the next five years. An additional goal is increasing customer satisfaction (53%) as the #2 priority of those surveyed.

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