For trucking safety company Motive, we conducted a survey of 1100 truck fleet owners in March 2023 to better understand their priorities. The vast majority of owners (95%) said that safety was a priority, but it ranked third in terms of importance, with increasing revenue and reducing expenses taking precedence. This is a point of concern for Abishek Gupta, Senior Product Manager and Head of Fleet Management Products at Motive, who responded to the study saying “Our real conclusion for fleets is that if you focus on safety, if you don’t see it as a cost center, but in fact as a center that can generate revenue, you can achieve these three objectives by focusing really about safety, one of the key things you get when you invest in a safety program is accident reduction, secondly, there are the cost savings resulting from these accident reductions and thirdly, the ability to use these savings in different ways, including offering your drivers higher bonuses and higher retention plans. you view security more as a profit element, as something that can actually generate revenue for you and not a cost center, you will be able to advance your organization’s priorities through the use of security.”

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