58% of smartphone owners watch purchased digital content on the devicesA recent online survey by CSG Systems International reveals that consumers are just as interested in purchasing digital content from their Pay TV provider as they are from an over-the-top content provider as long as the price is reasonable: 71% of consumers are willing to buy content from over-the-top content providers (those who provide broadband delivery of video and audio without a multiple system operator), while 70% are just as willing to buy from their Pay TV provider.

While the majority of video content is still purchased in the household rather than over smart phones, consumers cite a growing number of devices in the home: 79% of consumers use their personal computer to order digital content, while 39% also use tablets and 36% use Internet-connected televisions. While 64% of respondents own a smartphone, only 58% of smartphone owners (37% of all respondents) said they watch digital content on it.

Devices respondents own vs. devices used for viewing digital content
 Source: CSGI, n = 1,201Researchscape.com 

Infosurv surveyed 1,201 U.S. consumers age 18-65, on behalf of CSGI. The online survey was fielded from March 19 to 21, 2013. The survey results were not weighted. Based on a Researchscape assessment of the questionnaire and methodology, this survey is only slightly likely to be representative of U.S. consumers in general: the results should be considered qualitative or directional in nature.

A higher percentage of 25-34 year-olds use each device for digital content.

Percentage of respondents who use each device for digital content: by Age
 Source: CSGI, n = 1,201Researchscape.com 

Price has the most impact on customers purchasing a product, with 35% of all consumers indicating that price of content is the single largest influencer on the decision to purchase content. More than 40% of 18-24 year olds cited price as the single largest influence on their likelihood to make a content purchase. Ease of use ranked as the second most influential factor, with more than 20% choosing this factor as most important.

What has the most/least impact on your likelihood to purchase digital content?
 Source: CSGI, n = 1,201Researchscape.com 

80% of consumers purchase 5 or fewer pieces of content each month.

How many pieces of content do you purchase each month?
 Source: CSGI, n = 1,201Researchscape.com 

In a prepared statement, Kent Steffen of CSG International said, “The content revolution demands considering the preferences of all individuals and their devices within a household to ultimately create a more loyal and satisfied customer.”

For more information on this survey, refer to Pay TV vs. Over-the-Top Digital Content Providers.