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We surveyed 1661 US consumers from November 10-13, 2020 for VisitPay, in order to get a better understanding of their feelings in relation to medical billing and the stresses that COVID-19 has created. A large portion of respondents (60%) felt that medical bills are one of the greatest sources of stress, falling just behind credit card payments. However when listed in order by payment priority, medical payments were ranked at the bottom.

VisitPay CEO and Co-Founder had this to say “Medical bills are a reality for almost every American, yet they continue to serve as sources of stress that many of us try to avoid — whether by not seeking medical care in the first place, or by ignoring the bills once they come in. The key truth for providers is the need to focus on the patient financial experience from beginning to end, with transparency and ease of access to guide patients through the billing process with compassion and tailored payment alternatives that fit their needs.”

The study was cited by a more recent article from Patient Engagement Hit.

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