A study of 250 marketers by Evergage and Researchscape found that email (67%) and websites (56%) were by far the two most popular marketing channels for personalization, with mobile websites (27%) coming in a distant third.

Nine out of ten marketers either use or intend to use personalization for online customer interactions within the next year. Furthermore, nearly half of marketers surveyed intend to increase their budgets for personalization over the year ahead—with 80% planning to increase them “significantly” (by more than 10%).

Real-time personalization is defined as data-driven personalization completed in under one second. Making it work in today’s hyper-connected marketplace can be a challenge. However, with the help of related technologies, it’s coming at companies and consumers with force. Today, marketers feel web personalization is very important to their initiatives, and 51% of organizations surveyed have staff dedicated to working on personalization programs.

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