At the AMA Boston’s “The Future Marketing Landscape and Its Impact on Careers” event held at Microsoft’s Nerd Center, three leading marketing career experts spoke on trends in market research, revenue marketing, and hiring and compensation: Jeffrey Henning, Founder and President of Researchscape International, Mark Emond, President of Demand Spring, and Eric DiChiara, Vice President of the Creative Group. 

Henning spoke of the lifespan of market research, saying that it “is not dead”, and will be around “as long as humanity does.” Looking at the two sides of the market research coin, quantitative and qualitative, he compared how each operate, especially with automation in market research a predominate item. “Quantitative research will become so highly automated that anyone can do it,” he said. He continued on, “Qualitative research is here to stay; given its great computational complexity, it will not be highly automated in the future.”  

You can read more of what Henning, along with Emond and DiChiara, had to say about their respective topics at AMA Boston.