With over 100 presentations at IIeX North America, sometimes spread across five tracks, no one attendee can do justice to them all. Here are the perspectives of some of the other attendees:  

  • “The most important impression I was left with after attending IIeX North America is how quickly our industry is beginning to adopt technology practices and opportunities from the wider technology marketplace outside of market research.  I participated in conversations with brands, agencies and other data companies about data marketplaces, platforms, automation, blockchain, chat bots, cybersecurity, and augmented intelligence.  As well as how to educate ourselves and evolve our methods in the face of all of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.” – Melanie Courtright, EVP of Global Research Science, Research Now, and MRII board member 
  • “Overall, it seems the conference placed a huge emphasis on technology-driven solutions to research and/or marketing needs. I recognize and welcome the advances made in multiple areas to measure consumers. But I also feel the human analytical element was somewhat lost in the shuffle. Yes, it got some verbal recognition, but almost as a form of due diligence. I fear that our reliance on new technologies, however valuable in doing what they are supposed to do, continues us on the same path we have tread for years—relying on methods as our raison d’être. We need to focus at least as much on extracting deeper understanding from data (only people can do this), and on the marketing and business aspects in order for us to offer truly strategic guidance.” – Fred John, principal, Consilience Research, and author of our new course, Communicating Research Results 
  • “Automation and AI were hot topics at IIeX, which is no surprise since our industry is being challenged to deliver insights faster and cheaper. But what really stood out to me at the conference was how important real human intelligence truly is when you implement these technologies. People are responsible for research design, for data quality measures, for sampling and targeting, for interpreting data, and for recommending actions from insights. These things can be enhanced by technology, but are ultimately learned and practiced by us! We’re responsible for sharing and seeking knowledge within this industry, and IIeX is one of the most fun ways to do that!” – Cassidy Hoffman, research manager, 84.51˚, and UGA MMR 
  • “Attending IIeX allows me the opportunity to stay updated on what is happening in the Market Research industry, see what others are doing, how they are solving problems, how they are using the newest technology, etc. It’s also a great opportunity to expand my network, not only with those on the client side like me, but with research partners that I can collaborate with on the best/innovative methods to gather insights.  It’s why I come to IIeX and why I keep coming back.” – Stephanie Harris, senior consultant, Strong-Bridge Consulting, and MRII board member 
  • “IIEX is like a box of chocolates. Not only do you never know quite what you will get, there will be a great variety and just enough of any one item to whet your appetite.  The learning is fast-paced so there is never enough time to learn everything that piques your interest.  At the same time, as President of a growing MR company, my primary agenda is to network with C-level peers or venders to develop mutually beneficial business relationships. IIEX is especially rich for technology and financial connections.” – Jim Bryson, president, 20|20 Research 

Author Notes:

Jeffrey Henning

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Jeffrey Henning, IPC is a professionally certified researcher and has personally conducted over 1,400 survey research projects. Jeffrey is a member of the Insights Association and the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers. In 2012, he was the inaugural winner of the MRA’s Impact award, which “recognizes an industry professional, team or organization that has demonstrated tremendous vision, leadership, and innovation, within the past year, that has led to advances in the marketing research profession.” In 2022, the Insights Association named him an IPC Laureate. Before founding Researchscape in 2012, Jeffrey co-founded Perseus Development Corporation in 1993, which introduced the first web-survey software, and Vovici in 2006, which pioneered the enterprise-feedback management category. A 35-year veteran of the research industry, he began his career as an industry analyst for an Inc. 500 research firm.