It’s official! According to the most recent edition of GRIT, available today, mobile surveys and market research online communities are no longer emerging techniques; both are used by a majority of researchers:

  • 56% of respondents have used MROCs, up from 49% in the last survey 9 months ago
  • The growth in mobile has been even more dramatic, climbing to 64% usage, up from 41% in the last survey.


GRIT 2014 techniques used trends

Judging by its momentum, social media analytics will be the next technique to cross over to the mainstream: usage jumped 10 points to 46%.

Client-side researchers are more likely to have used the following than supplier-side researchers: social media analytics (47% to 36%) and Big Data analytics (39% to 29%). These are areas where the traditional market research industry might be losing market share to external firms. What are suppliers more likely than clients to see as the future of the industry? Suppliers have used mobile surveys, mobile qual, mobile ethnography, webcam interviews, microsurveys, gamification, facial analysis, and virtual reality more often than clients have.
GRIT 2014 techniques used
Techniques that were added to the survey for the first time, with reported usage, are:

  • Behavioral economics models – 25%
  • Internet of Things/Sensor-based data collection – 12%
  • Wearables based research – 7%


We’ll set an alarm on our Apple Watch for a year from now to see how these techniques are doing.