See our 2017 Market Research Conference Calendar.

Here are the major market research conferences on our radar.

January 25-27 CEO Summit MRA South Beach, FL
January 28-29 QRC Conference MRIA Toronto
February 1-3 Media Insights & Engagement Conference IIR Fort Lauderdale, FL
February 7-8 2016 Analytics with Purpose Conference AMA Scottsdale, AZ
February 16-17 Qual360 Europe Qual360 Berlin
February 22 AIMRI Conference AIMRI NYC, NY
February 23-24 The Quirk’s Event 2016 Quirk’s Brooklyn, NY
February 25 Consumer Health and Wellbeing MRS London
February 25 Febelmar Congress BE Febelmar Brussels
February 26-28 2016 Winter Marketing Academic Conference AMA Las Vegas, NV
March 3-4 IIeX Europe 2016 IIEX Amsterdam
March 8-9 MENAP FORUM 2016 ESOMAR Dubai
March 8-10 MRMW Asia-Pacific Merlien Kuala Lumpur
March 15-16 MRS Annual Conference MRS London
March 29-30 Digital Research Conference CASRO Austin, TX
April 4-6 FUSE 2016 IIR Miami, FL
April 5 Insight Innovative Exchange Health 2016 IIEX Philadelphia, PA
April 5-6 Qual360 North America Qual360 Washington, DC
April 10-12 Latin America 2016 ESOMAR Bogata
April 13-15 Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research AQR/QRCA Vienna
April 29-May 1 2016 Leadership Summit AMA Chicago, IL
May 10-12 Front End of Innovation 2016 IIR Boston, MA
May 12 Travel, Tourism & Hospitality MRS London
May 17-19 Asia Pacific 2016 ESOMAR Tokyo
May 18-20 Insights & Strategies Conference MRA New Orleans, GA
May 23-25 The New Face of Consumer Insights IIR Marina Del Rey, CA
June 1-3 MRIA National Conference MRIA Montreal
June 5-9 Summer Academy 2016 ESOMAR Amsterdam
June 8-10 Marketing Analytics & Data Science IIR San Francisco, CA
June 13-15 Insight Innovative Exchange North America 2016 IIEX Atlanta, GA
June 23-25 2016 Marketing and Public Policy Conference AMA San Luis Obispo, CA
June 23 Automotive Research MRS London
June 26-29 2016 Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum AMA Boston, MA
July 10-13 OMNI Shopper 2016 IIR Chicago, IL
July 11-13 2016 Nonprofit Marketing Conference AMA Washington, DC
July 18-19 MRMW North America Merlien Fort Worth, TX
July 30 Business-to-Business Research Conference MRS London
August 5-7 2016 Summer Marketing Academic Conference AMA Atlanta, GA
September 14-15 MRMW Europe Merlien London
September 18-21 Congress 2016 ESOMAR New Orleans, GA
September 22 Luxury Research MRS London
October 4-7 Biotech Week IIR Boston, MA
October 5-7 2016 Annual Conference: Inspired Marketing AMA Orlando, FL
October 18-20 The Market Research Event 2016 IIR Boca Raton, FL
October 19-20 Qual360 Asia-Pacific Qual360 Singapore
October24-27 CASRO Annual Conference CASRO Park City, UT
October 7-9 QRCA Annual Conference QRCA Orlando, FL
October 26-27 Research & Results R&R Muchich
November 2-3 MRMW Africa Merlien Cape Town
November 17 Financial Services Research MRS London

Our team hopes to see you at some of these great events!