Surveys can support the stories you want to tell, to build awareness and generate leads. But these are not normal times. As a result, we’ve realigned our shared omnibus surveys of U.S. adults to better meet today’s market conditions.

The classic tradeoff has always been “good, fast, or affordable, pick any two.” Until this month, our omnibus was good and fast: we would run most surveys within a business day or two, for $2,985 for 10 questions.

For the duration of 2020, it’s clear that low costs and high quality have become most important. We’re now running our omnibus surveys once a week but at half the price: $1,495 for 10 questions, and $995 for 5 questions. (Sometimes that might mean you have to wait a week or two.)

The name omnibus survey comes from the notion of a shared vehicle: each respondent proceeds through questions in a composite survey comprised of sections from up to four clients, each section in random order to minimize bias.

We’ll still provide the same great service and reports. We’ll help you come up with questions that generate impact while following best practices that stand up to journalistic scrutiny: 87% of our clients rate our questionnaire design “completely valuable”! And our automated reports continue to improve with new features each month.

Our investment in automation can pay off for you. Do you need to field 20 questions to a profiled consumer audience more specific than every U.S. adult? We’ve lowered the price of that service $1,000: $4,995 for 1,000 completed responses, and $8,995 for 2,000 completed responses. Need to cut costs further and survey an in-house mailing list? That service is now $1,995. Can’t compromise timing? Our “done quickly, high quality” option is the B2C Next Day Survey, $3,995 for 500 responses.

We’re here to help you use surveys to tell your stories.