For the Consumer Perception Report: Scan-and-Go Shopping in 2022, by Anyline, a mobile data capture solutions provider, Researchscape surveyed 1,502 US consumers about their shopping habits. “Customers don’t find Scan-and-Go faster but love it anyway. What gives? While the overall experience in-store may take the same amount of time, customers using Scan-and-Go use this time doing what they love, actually shopping, with less time on what they hate, standing in line.” The survey found that three quarters of those who use Scan-and-Go started doing so because of the COVID-19 pandemic and that they plan to continue using Scan-and-Go once the pandemic ends. The study was conducted from Dec. 3 to Dec. 6, 2021; results were weighted by eight demographic variables to reflect the overall U.S. population.

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