We conducted a study for Rave Mobile Safety to get a better understanding of the risks posed by severe weather conditions in the US. The 2022 Natural Disaster and Severe Weather Preparedness was conducted in June 2022, asking 1,071 adults in the US to better understand how the public thinks about, and prepares for, natural disasters and severe weather events. A notable finding was that only 27% of respondents said they felt very or extremely prepared to face severe weather, while a vast majority of respondents (90%) are just as or more concerned about severe weather now than they were just two years ago. Only 14% of respondents are hardly or not at all concerned that the intensity and frequency of natural disasters will increase in the future. One positive upside is that employees are fairly confident in their employer’s emergency weather protocols, with most employees (73%) saying they were aware of procedures or protocols to follow during a natural disaster, including a severe weather event. The majority of respondents (85%) said they generally trust that their workplace is prepared to protect them during a natural disaster or severe weather event.

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