Our survey for the money app for families Greenlight, was recently highlighted in an article discussing the growing importance of financial literacy in teens. The study, which was conducted between September 27 and October 2, 2021, among 2,051 U.S. respondents, of whom 1,013 were parents of 13-20 year olds and 1,038 were teens ages 13-20. Notably 52% of parents stated they don’t invest because they lack knowledge and 58% are intimidated by investing. A majority (88%) of parents wish they had more investing education earlier in life, and an astonishing 52% of respondents stated they have little to no savings for their children’s future. Greenlight’s CEO acknowledged this statistic stating “It’s clear that parents need a better way to save for their kids’ futures, especially for life events like college, investing is a powerful way to grow savings and build wealth. Earlier this year, we launched an educational investing platform for kids and teens, and now we’re making investing available for parents, too, so families can learn together and build a healthy financial future”.

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