Of the 761 unique links shared on the Twitter #MRX hashtag community last week, here are 6 of the most retweeted:

  • Global MR industry grew 2.8% in 2010, says Esomar – Robert Bain of Research sums up Esomar’s annual report on the state of the industry. Total MR revenues are up (after inflation) 1% in Europe, 3.1% in North America, 13.9% in Latin America but down in the Middle East. MR Web also has the details.
  • Social media around the world – Steven Van Belleghem shares more than a thousand statistics about social media usage in 30 countries:

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  • Lead! A sea change is coming– Ian Lewis of Cambiar presented the results of “The Cambiar Future of Research Study” at the AMA Research & Strategy Summit. Cambiar interviewed 160 corporate researchers about the shape of the industry through 2020. Some key trends:
    • “Researchers are expecting major change.”
    • “Corporate researchers will be consultants more than researchers.”
    • “We’ll have global responsibilities.”
    • “The future is about listening, measuring emotion, and mining knowledge.”
  • What’s next in online and social media research? – In another presentation of trends, Ray Poynter of Vision Critical summarized 12 key trends “reshaping the research industry” at AMSRS 2011 conference in Sydney.
  • Qualitative Online 360: Call for Speakers – Want to go to Milan January 18-19 for the 2nd annual online qual conference? You’ll need to get your speaker proposal in by October 18.

As reported by Steven Van Belleghem, 80% of people are aware of Twitter, but only 16% are using it. You can start using Twitter simply by lurking in the #MRX community!