Of the 947 unique links shared by the #MRX Twitter community last week, here are the 1% (rounding up) that were retweeted the most:

  • The Winners of The Research Transformation award – Jon Puleston, VP of innovation for GMI, ran a contest for the Festival of NewMR in which 30 judges (including yours truly) voted on the ideas transforming research, the techniques transforming research and the books that have transformed research, among other categories. Special congratulations to ESOMAR (best research organization), Research magazine (best journal) and ConfirmIt (best software firm).
  • Statistics – lost in translation? – Coming in next is a post from one of those award winners, as Robert Bain of Research magazine tackles why the public is often oblivious to or misunderstands the statistics behind key trends.
  • Beyond Ethnography by Paulette Kish – Moving from lost stats to @lovestats, Annie Pettit of Conversition blogged over 20 presentations from TMRE 2011 this week, of which her most retweeted was a session by Paulette Kish, Strategic Insights Officer at Mars Petcare about “Creating a Culture Committed to Consumer Empathy”.
  • How Infographics Make Shoddy Research Look Deceptively Legit – Kathryn Korostoff of ResearchRockstar shared this great post from Kathryn Roy of Precision Thinking demonstrating how easy it is legitimize bad data with a flashy graphical treatment.
  • New startup wants to be ‘Google Analytics for the real world’ – Scott Crosby, co-founder of Urchin Software (acquired by Google in 2005 and transformed into the Google Analytics division), is seeking to create a Google Analytics for retail. His new firm, Euclid Elements, uses the smartphone wi-fi signals of shoppers to track their movement within stores.
  • High Earners’ Attitudes to Pay – The 1% feel closer to the 99% than the 0.1%, at least in the United Kingdom, according to this research from Ipsos MORI.

As for the other 99% of #MRX tweets, you can find them over at Occupy Twitter