Of the 805 unique links shared on #MRX last week, here are 5 of the most retweeted.

  • 30+ New Buzz words and concepts emerging from ESOMAR 3D conference – For you stimulation junkies, Jon Puleston of GMI has prepared a glossary of 36 words and concepts that emerged from the exoflood of information at ESOMAR’s most recent conference.
  • Esomar 3D: Winners and losers – Tom Ewing of Kantar Operations Research Live Brainjuicer plays Snakes & Ladders (that’s Chutes & Ladders to my fellow Americans) with the ideas from ESOMAR. “Plenty of concepts and techniques were discussed, but which ideas are on the ladder of success and which notions are sliding down the snake of ignominy?”
  • The UK market research industry in review – The Research magazine team profiled the 10 UK firms of the top 100 with the highest growth rates, interviewing leaders from 8 of the companies.
  • A fifth of UK adults have never sent an email – From the ICM Group come’s the shortest article to ever make our Top 5! Presented here in its entirety (link added): “Research for BT has revealed that a fifth (19 per cent) of adults in the UK have never sent an email before.  Among those in social grade DE, that figure more than doubles to 43 per cent and those of retirement age are also less likely to have sent an email (56 per cent have not).  The survey was conducted by telephone among 2,103 UK adults between 9th and 18th September 2011.”
  • Going native – Paul Hudson of Intersperience shared 5 key findings from a study of 8- to 25-year olds in the UK:
    1. Just because they are online doesn’t mean they only want to interact online
    2. The mobile internet is important, but is used differently from the fixed internet
    3. They are no less savvy about personal data than their parents
    4. They resent corporate intrusion into their social networking space
    5. They don’t always find online forums engaging

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