Online surveys have become the digital marketer’s chainsaw.

A terrific research tool that can butcher marketing strategy with bad techniques and bad assumptions.

“Research is the foundation of marketing strategy, providing real insight into customer needs and motivators. However, with do-it-yourself online surveys, it can go seriously wrong,” says John Parikhal, partner with Breakthrough Management. Parikhal has been conducting marketing research for over 35 years for organizations such as Viacom, Scholastic Publishing, and Pepsi.

“With so much at stake, it’s really important to involve experts in research design and analysis. Unfortunately, there are too many online “research” studies that just don’t meet statistical criteria for reliability, and are often filled with bias-generating questions. Sometimes, I suggest that marketers might want to shout ‘Get this Survey Monkey off my back’.”

Why do so many earnest survey efforts sail off the rails?

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