Here are some of the 2014 market research conferences on our radar.

January 23 The Creativity Lab – Science MRS London
January 29 Media Insights & Engagement Conference IIR Coconut Grove, FL
January 29 Private Placements Industry Forum 2014 IIR Turnberry Isle Resort, FL
January 30 Net Gain 8.0 – Transformation MRIA Toronto
January 30 Real-time Research MRS London
February 4 FEI EMEA IIR Munich
February 10 ePharma Summit 2014 IIR New York, NY
February 19 Insight Innovative eXchange Conference Europe 2014 IIEX Amsterdam
February 19 Qualitative 360 – Europe Merlien Istanbul
February 21 QRD Conference 2014 QRD Toronto
February 25 Explode-a-Myth NewMR (online)
February 27 Transform Congress 2014 ESOMAR Brussels
February 27 Healthcare Research Conference MRS London
March 3 All Payment Expo IIR Las Vegas, NV
March 4 MRMW Asia Merlien Singapore
March 6 Creativity Lab: Tactics for Generating Ideas and Stimulationg Creativity MRS London
March 11 Digital Research Conference CASRO San Antonio, TX
March 17 FEI Venice IIR Cannaregio
March 18 Impact 2014: The MRS Annual Conference MRS London?
March 23 Re:Think 2014 ARF New York City
March 23 CEE Research Forum 2014 CEE Bucharest
March 24 2014 AMA Marketing Workshops AMA Boston, MA
April 1 Qualitative 360 – North America Merlien Toronto
April 2 Latin America 2014 ESOMAR Buenos Aires
April 7 FUSE 2014 IIR Chicago, IL
April 9 Total Customer Experience Leaders 2014 IIR Miami, FL
April 30 Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research AQR/QRCA Budapest
May 11 Asia Pacific 2014 ESOMAR Jakarta
May 13 Front End of Innovation 2014 IIR Boston, MA
May 19 The Future of Consumer Intelligence 2014 IIR Los Angeles, CA
May 19 All Payments Expo Europe IIR Marbella
May 27 MRMW North America Merlien Chicago, IL
June 4 Insights & Strategies Conference MRA Chicago, IL
June 8 MRIA National Conference 2014 MRIA Saskatoon
June 15 Digital Dimensions 2014 ESOMAR Stockholm
June 16 Innovation in Marketing Research and Consumer Insight Conference – 2014 US IIEX Atlanta, GA
September 7 Congress 2014 ESOMAR Nice
September 17 Corporate Researchers Conference MRA Chicago, IL
September 23 MRMW Europe Merlien Berlin
September 28 CASRO Annual Conference CASRO Denver, CO
October 15 QRCA 2014 Annual Conference QRCA New Orleans, LA
October 20 The Market Research Event 2014 IIR Boca Raton, FL
November 1 MRMW Africa Merlien Cape Town

Something we missed? Please list it in the comments.