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Our Written Report service produces a detailed document analyzing the unweighted results from a survey that you fielded yourself or through a third party ($3,995 for the first 40 questions; $1,995 for each additional 40 questions).

Typical reports range from 40 to 80 pages long and include an executive summary, table of contents, table of exhibits, detailed results, methodological appendix, and an appendix with the questionnaire. We will show frequency distributions and other appropriate summary measures, depending on question type. For open-ended/verbatim questions, we will select representative quotes, use word clouds, and conduct word-frequency analysis.

We will showcase those cross-tabulations with statistical significance and some practical significance, examining differences by key questions, demographics, and – for B2B surveys – firmographics (e.g., industry, organization size, country location of headquarters). For instance, for one recent study that we completed, we found that purchase interest for a new consumer electronics device was strongly correlated to hours spent using their existing device, meaning that the product concept had its greatest appeal to heavy users.

For an example report, please see App Purchasing Behavior. We will provide you a Word document that you can edit and customize as appropriate. We have extensive experience with survey research, dating back to 1987. We are confident that we can deliver you quality answers that you can trust as you make key business decisions about your market.


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