Probability Survey 400



Our Probability Survey offering provides 400 telephone interviews with U.S. consumers (general population). Researchscape uses a random sample of household phone numbers and cellphone numbers to produce the most representative assessment of the attitudes of English-speaking U.S. adult consumers, with interviews completed by trained interviewers. Within 14 days of approving the final questionnaire, you will receive an automated presentation of the results along with the raw data in an Excel spreadsheet.

We will provide you:

  • Questionnaire design services, up to 20 questions, limited to select-one questions, select-all-that-apply questions with no more than 10 choices, and with each row of a grid counting as a question (only in the case of telephone surveys such as this, not for our services using web surveys)
  • Programming of the survey into a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing system
  • Telephoning and interviewing 400 respondents
  • Survey data cleansing

We have extensive experience with telephone surveys, dating back to 1987. We are confident that we can deliver you quality answers that you can trust as you make key business decisions about your market.


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