Questionnaire Design



Ask the questions wrong, and you will collect the wrong answers. Collect the wrong answers, and you will reach the wrong decisions. Reach the wrong decisions, and you will take the wrong actions.

It’s crucial that your questionnaire will lead you to the right actions. As professional survey researchers, we frequently write or update questionnaires to follow the best Research on Research practices. We will rephrase leading questions, use the most reliable question scales, and use proven question batteries.

To begin, you’ll provide us with additional details on your goals and objectives and your current ideas for questions. We’ll provide you a questionnaire draft to review, then work with you to revise the questionnaire into a final draft that you will be able to send to respondents with confidence.

For instance, we can design a survey instrument that will test different messages with prospective consumers to see which resonate the most. If appropriate, we can also include a battery of pricing questions so that you can determine the optimal price point to maximize revenue. We will include demographic questions to help you identify the market with the greatest interest in your product.

Whatever decisions you need to make, we can develop a questionnaire to produce the data you need to decide with confidence.

$995 per 20 questions (demographic and firmographic questions provided at no charge)


  • “The best pick in the world if you need anything relating to surveys/questionnaires. I was impressed with the knowledge and how quickly they turned around the project. Best choice!” – Rent Jiffy
  • “I’m 150% satisfied with Researchscape’s work!! Market research all starts with a good set of questions. They did a fantastic job of helping us craft questions we could use to really get the most out of our market research study. Fast and professional. I will absolutely be using these services in the future!” – Media Cooler


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