On behalf of TCP Software we surveyed 304 U.S. managers and executives for their study The State of the U.S. Workforce: Bridging the Tech Gap to Manage Your People More Effectively. The survey was fielded between October 14-20, 2021, and found that many companies’ higher ups are planning to invest more into the adoption of new technology in the workplace. As the article notes “72% of respondents noted they have factored HR or workforce management technology into their budgets, and business leaders are paying more attention to technology such as cloud applications (56%), workplace analytics (52%), and mobile applications (46%)”. With this forward facing mindset, Eric Thurston, President & CEO, TCP Software states “As demonstrated over the last two years, the way we work has changed forever. To help increase and maintain employee engagement, attract and retain talent and manage productivity, organizations can benefit from investing in technology that helps them better manage their workforces. Our survey findings indicate that organizations know where they need to invest, and how it can improve business and workers’ productivity. By leveraging emerging technology, business leaders can empower their workforces to focus on value-added work that keeps them happier and more engaged”.

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