We were recently commissioned by Sinch to conduct a survey of 1076 mobile phone users between March 24-26 to better understand the evolving role that cell phones have in daily life. The majority of respondents see their cell phones as vital, with 72% stating they couldn’t imagine going more than a weekend without their mobile phone, while nearly a quarter (23%) believe they could last an hour at most. When asked what they’d rather give up than their mobile phone, 41% of respondents chose the gym while 25% of millennials selected TV or radio, and 22% percent of GenZ said they would give up sex. Sinch’s co-founder Robert Gerstmann had this to say about the increased importance of mobile phones “From the first mobile phone call 50 years ago, a communications revolution was born. This study underscores just how integral the mobile phone is to our everyday lives — with many prepared to give up their favorite things rather than their phones, clearly, businesses that can invite their customers in for a true two-way conversation — whether by text, phone, social app, email, or chatbot — will be the winners today and in tomorrow’s mobile worlds. Yet companies often struggle to deliver personalized experiences at scale because channels, tools, and communications are siloed and not designed to work together with the customer at the center. We can see from a survey like this that consumer demand will drive businesses to change.”

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