Ultimately publicity is about generating business for organizations, yet most press releases aren’t optimized for this. Only 13% of 2016 survey releases linked to a lead-generation form (up from 7% in 2013) to capture a prospect’s contact information in exchange for a white paper with more detail about the survey, despite the fact that 32% of survey news releases offer a corresponding white paper (up from 19% in 2013).

While creating a white paper sounds daunting, and some are rich, professionally written and well-designed ebooks, many white papers are simply PowerPoint presentations of the survey results, with an introductory slide, one slide per question and a methodology slide. A quick “white paper” of this format is better than not offering a white paper at all and is probably more likely to be read in its entirety than a traditional narrative format anyway.

This is an excerpt from the free Researchscape white paper, “Amp Up News Releases with Newsmaker Surveys”;. Download your own copy now:

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