The presentation round of the Insight Innovation Competition today in Philadelphia involved 5 minute pitches from a variety of finalists, who then had to answer the judges’ questions. The judges will announce the winner tomorrow at 2 pm.

Turning Emotion into Smart Decisions at Scale
Tim Llewellynn of Inviso discussed an online platform for turning emotion into smart decisions. Based on a 12-year research program on improving human-computer interaction, tested with over 1 million subjects worldwide, Inviso can recognize displays of emotion by focusing on the face in real time, passively, using webcams. It combines cultural understanding of facial expressions as well as universals. It successfully processes out data noise introduced by real world issues such as bad lighting and participants touching their faces. The Inviso solution is available on an ad hoc basis and via subscription; Inviso has 20 to 30 global clients and has run in 20 countries worldwide. It is marketed as a tool that integrates with larger research efforts. Their primary competition is the industry’s reliance on post-rationalization of emotions though questions. Their sweet spot is serving market research agencies for validating concept work in the early stage of video development.

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