House List Survey



Our House List Survey leverages your email list of customers, prospects, and users, along with your social-media followers, to produce a survey without the cost of paying respondent incentives.

We will provide you:

  • Questionnaire design services, including writing a 20*-question survey reflecting research best practices (*not counting demographics and firmographics)
  • Programming of the survey into an online tool, using your logo and brand colors
  • Links for you to use to invite respondents through your email list, blog, and social-media channels (we recommend contacting your list with an invite followed by two reminders)
  • Survey data cleansing to remove partial responses for those who later return to take the survey in full
  • PowerPoint deck with charts for all closed-ended questions and tables for selected cross-tabulations
  • Word document with charts and selected cross-tabulations
  • Excel files with all results and all the cross-tabulations
  • Hour-long debriefing of the results

We have extensive experience with online surveys, dating back to 1996. We are confident that we can deliver you quality answers that you can trust as you make key business decisions about your market.


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