Data Cleansing



The data you collected from your survey is rarely the precise dataset that you want to analyze. Whether you did a survey of your own house list or a survey of paid panelists, some participants may have answered twice and others may have provided responses that should not be included as they will make your results less representative rather than more representative. (Read more about survey data cleansing.)

Our standardized data-cleansing service assists you at three stages of your survey-research project:

  1. Questionnaire design services – Prior to finalizing the design of your survey instrument, we will review and suggest appropriate quality-control measures that can be integrated into your survey, regardless of the survey tool that you use.
  2. Fielding – During fielding, we will spot-check the data to estimate the percentage of responses that may be fraudulent.
  3. Data processing – Prior to running crosstabs and frequency reports, we will follow a 22-step process to clean the data set to remove all fraudulent, duplicate, and (where appropriate) incomplete responses. The process will be tailored to house lists vs. panel and to B2B vs. B2C.


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