Cluster Analysis




Our Cluster Analysis service provides you with an appropriate segmentation of your survey data. Segmentations help simplify complex sets of respondents, whether customers, users, employees, students, or alumni. The resulting segmentations help you target products, services, and communications and fundraising strategies to the key groups within your constituencies.

The service provides three standard deliverables:

  1. Questionnaire design services (optional) – We will review your proposed survey instrument to structure it specifically for better results from a cluster analysis. Should you have already fielded the survey, we can analyze the results as is, but this step often provides stronger segmentations.
  2. Segmentation schemes – We will provide you up to six segmentation schemes to consider, each with a different number of segments, from three up to eight. We will schedule an online meeting to present each scheme and discuss its pros and cons.
  3. Crosstabulations by segment – We will update your survey results file with the appropriate segment for every respondent. We will then provide our standard Crosstabulations service by segment, including Excel crosstabs, a PowerPoint presentation, and a Word boilerplate template.


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