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Our Custom Banner add-on supplements our Crosstabulation service, providing for a predefined, scripted mapping of choices that varies from how respondents experienced the survey in order to support higher-level analysis.

Custom banners typically take one of the following forms:

  1. Single-question mappings – Reducing the set of choices from a question to facilitate analysis. Past examples include: recoding a list of cities into two choices, “Control Market” and “Test Market”; recategorizing year of birth into a custom list of generations; recoding a select-all race-and-origin question into discrete choices including “Multiracial”.
  2. Multi-question mappings – Combining and recategorizing two questions into one, such as this example from health insurance combining Hispanicity and age: “Non-Hispanic Under 65”, “Non-Hispanic Medicare”, “Hispanic Under 65”, “Hispanic Medicare”.
  3. Metadata – Categorizing information passed into the survey as a hidden field or URL parameter, such as customer persona, tenure, and account profile.

Each purchase of this service provides for one custom banner (with each choice as a column within that banner).

Click here to download a sample of the crosstabulation deliverables.


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