Mobiles Republic recently released findings from its 2013 survey of news-reading habits. Tablet news consumption has more than doubled: 30% of tablet users rely on their devices several times a day to check the latest news, in contrast to just 12% a year ago. The most important criteria for consumers of mobile news are: that news is accurate, free, fresh and multi-sourced. Using such social media outlets as Facebook and Twitter for news updates continues to rise.

Survey Monkey surveyed 8,000 users of the Mobiles Republic app, on behalf of Mobiles Republic. The mobile survey was fielded in June 2013. The survey results were not weighted. Based on a Researchscape assessment of the questionnaire and methodology, this survey is only slightly likely to be representative of consumers in general: the results should be considered qualitative or directional in nature.

News aggregators are the most popular type of website and application for getting news: 74% of respondents said they use aggregators intensively, up from 33% a year ago. Intensive use of branded news applications (such as leading national dailies) declined from 60% to 40% over the same period.

What type of site/application are you using to access news? (Net: use a lot)
 Source: Mobiles Republic, n = 8, 

Mobile applications are used by 88% of respondents to check the news at least several times a week; however, it should be noted that this was an in-app survey administered in a news application. The next most popular methods of getting news are TV, with 78% of respondents watching news at least multiple times a week on TV, and PC, with 68% of respondents regularly checking news on their computer. A separate survey on teenagers and news consumption by found that 51% of teens get their news from network TV.

How often do you use the following to check on the latest news? (Net: several times a week or more)
 Source: Mobiles Republic, n = 8, 

Although consumers still use traditional methods to get news, they spend much less time using them: 87% of respondents read magazines for less than 30 minutes a day and 80% spend less than half an hour reading the newspaper. By comparison, 52% of respondents spend more than 30 minutes checking the news on a mobile application.

On an average day, how long do you spend checking on the latest news? (Net: 30 min or less)
 Source: Mobiles Republic, n = 8, 


For more information on this survey, refer to Mobiles Republic Releases Key News Usage Findings; Confirms News Consumption Significantly on the Rise.