The GreenBook team included a new section on aspects of survey research projects in their GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report survey of 2,087 researchers around the world. Here are those findings, which provide a useful overview of the state of survey research today.

While 90% of researchers surveyed have been involved in quantitative projects, 88% have been involved with survey research (leaving 2% of quantitative researchers who did not use surveys).

How frequently are certain tasks performed within survey research projects? Running crosstabs is the most common: 72% of quantitative researchers run cross-tabulations for most or all of their survey projects. When it comes to techniques used to increase the representativeness of those surveys, 62% use quota sampling for most or all projects, almost twice the 33% who weight the data for most or all projects. Only 13% use multiple panel providers per survey for most or all projects.

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