Panel-Ready Survey




Our Programming and Hosting service leverages your existing panel provider to deliver a powerful, affordable survey, with automated results reporting included.

We will provide you:

  • Programming of the survey into an online tool (10 questions per $995, with screener and demographics questions included at no charge)
  • Programming panel-integrated links to communicate disqualification, overquota, and completion status back to your panel provider for each panelist
  • Hosting the survey for the duration of fielding
  • Web dashboard of all results, updated on-demand
  • Survey data cleansing
  • Standard cross-tabulations in Excel (using all select-one questions as a banner)
  • Frequency charts and key crosstabs in PowerPoint
  • Text boilerplate of frequency charts and key crosstabs in Word

We have extensive experience with online surveys, dating back to 1996. We are familiar with the unique reporting needs of panel providers and will manage panel integration and provide the panel company the participation reports they need.

Need more detailed analysis? You can add a Custom Banner, an Executive Summary, or a Written Report.

Need complex survey functionality? You can hire us to do Custom Programming.



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