Surveys for News Releases Whitepaper

Download a copy of the Researchscape whitepaper, “Best Practices for Newsmaker Surveys”, to learn how to:

  • Make sure your news release meets the needs of reporters, bloggers and prospects
  • Leverage one survey for multiple publicity opportunities
  • Demonstrate thought leadership while following common research guidelines

Based on a content analysis of thousands of survey news releases, this whitepaper offers you the tips you need to create more successful campaigns.

“Great white paper! Right on the mark! It is an excellent how-to resource that all marketers should keep in their libraries. I found it very easy to follow and a good reminder of how to make a press release even better. I always like creating press releases around survey findings, because it typically means the message is fresh and the marketer is revealing brand new information. That attracts attention. I love the examples and statistics.” – Martha Popoloski, principal, MoreInk Public Relations

“The PR industry continues to expand its metrics-driven business and sales support capabilities. It only makes sense that the content being communicated through this channel needs to be collective, data driven research. Surveys are one of the best ways to achieve this goal.” – Alison Guzzio, public relations specialist, AG Consulting Inc.