Founded in 2012, Researchscape International is an agile market research consultancy delivering high-quality custom and omnibus surveys, automated reporting tools as well as other research-related services, to marketers and agencies.

Our surveys are frequently used to drive thought leadership, support content creation, and help grow organizations’ public profiles. Other services support specific client needs including concept testing, feature prioritization, crisis communications, customer satisfaction and more.

We work with the most reputable research panel providers to meet our clients’ needs for fast, accurate and rich data. And we are sticklers when it comes to following research industry best practices for questionnaire design, sampling and weighting to produce representative results that meet journalistic standards. All our survey design and post-survey research review is handled in-house in North America for adherence to the highest quality standards.

In the real world, every organization has budgets and spending constraints. That’s why Researchscape believes in complete pricing transparency – our service costs are published online with no hard-sales push or surprise fluctuating costs. Like what you see and it’s within your budget? Click on a service, add it to your shopping cart and accelerate your survey results – 24/7.


Though we pride ourselves on our speed and efficiency, we never lose sight of the human element in all our work. Our senior and experienced team is high-touch when it comes to helping you make informed decisions – whether it’s about questionnaire design, data analysis, or simply how to get started. We’ll brainstorm with your team and recommend the most prudent way forward to achieve your desired results. We go the distance to cement long-term relationships.


Researchscape International is headquartered in sunny Sarasota, Florida, with project management support and software development in Ottawa, Canada, and sales/marketing based in St. Louis.

Our first three projects were surveys within Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and Taiwan, and we’ve provided research around the world ever since – everyone from start-ups, nonprofits and educational institutions to Fortune 500 organizations. We enjoy partnerships with best-of-breed research panel companies in 126 countries. Our day-to-day assignments range from quick in-country surveys to elaborate, multi-country studies.


From our inception, we decided to embrace technology to obtain the best results for our clients and to strip out unnecessary costs. Good examples of our proprietary technology, that most clients never get to see, include our panel integration tool, which allows us to use multiple sample sources and then deduplicate multiple responses from the same individual, and our automated report generator, which delivers highly accurate survey results – both text and graphics – to our clients.


Jeffrey Henning

Jeffrey Henning

Chief Research Officer

Jeffrey Henning, IPC is a professionally certified researcher and has personally conducted over 1,400 survey research projects. Jeffrey is a member of the Insights Association and the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers. In 2012, he was the inaugural winner of the MRA’s Impact award, which “recognizes an industry professional, team or organization that has demonstrated tremendous vision, leadership, and innovation, within the past year, that has led to advances in the marketing research profession.” In 2022, the Insights Association named him an IPC Laureate. Before founding Researchscape in 2012, Jeffrey co-founded Perseus Development Corporation in 1993, which introduced the first web-survey software, and Vovici in 2006, which pioneered the enterprise-feedback management category. A 35-year veteran of the research industry, he began his career as an industry analyst for an Inc. 500 research firm.

Brad Patton

Brad Patton

Chief Technology Officer

Brad Patton is a highly accomplished software architect and visionary with more than 25-years’ experience in designing, building and directing the growth of sophisticated business software and platform technologies. In 2014, he joined Researchscape, where he oversees survey fielding and response quality as well as the initial statistical analysis of survey results using ResearchStory, a proprietary survey analysis application that improves the quality of research deliverables. Before joining Researchscape, he was the chief software architect at both Verint and previously at Vovici, acquired by Verint in 2011. During his seven-year tenure at both companies, he led the technical direction of the Vovici enterprise feedback management (EFM) platform, transforming it into a multi-tenant SaaS platform serving hundreds of customers with thousands of users. Prior to Vovici, at Perseus Development Patton developed the first EFM platform. He worked there for seven years as the company’s chief software architect. His first software developer role was for Object Technology International, later acquired by IBM, where he worked on the Visual Age for Java development platform that later became the Eclipse open-source platform. Patton earned his BS in computer science and business administration from Arizona State University. He resides in Ottawa, Ontario.

Tony Cheevers

Tony Cheevers

Customer Success Officer

Tony Cheevers is a career sales and marketing leader with a strong focus on relationship-selling. Over the course of 35 years, he has supported major brands in the public and private sector. Cheevers joined Researchscape in 2015 to head up the company’s sales, communications and marketing initiatives. He see his role as chief customer advocate and he’s a key part of Researchscape’s customer satisfaction team. Prior to Researchscape, he worked in business development for Discuss.io and FocusVision, both qualitative market research organizations. Previously, he was a national account manager with the U. S. Postal Service. Earlier positions included sales manager for Schlumberger SEMA and digital sales for Ziff-Davis Publishing. Cheevers graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Georgetown University. He holds a certificate in Marketing from the Direct Marketing Education Foundation (now marketingEDGE). He is a board member of Digital Irish, a non-profit organization serving the tech and digital Irish communities around the world.

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