Conjoint Analysis




Our Conjoint Analysis service tests a matrix of product or service ideas with consumers, emulating the shopping experience. Respondents are asked to choose which of four different concepts they would purchase, where each concept is selected from permutations of up to 5 attributes each with up to 5 different levels (for a total possible space of 3,125 concepts). This trade-off exercise allows us to derive those attributes and levels that are truly important to consumers; this derived importance is typically more insightful than stated importance.

Conjoint analysis is a key exercise for product development, feature prioritization, and configuration.

The service provides three standard deliverables:

  1. Questionnaire design services – We will review your proposed survey instrument to structure it specifically for better results from a conjoint analysis.
  2. Survey programming – We will program the exercise as a choice-based conjoint (CBC) experiment. We can use images to illustrate key features, and we can limit pairs of levels (features) that would not occur together.
  3. Analysis – We will report and interpret the part-worth utilities and attribute statistics.
For an example conjoint analysis, please download our white paper, Boardgame Concepts to Crowdfund.


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